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Teardrop Rentals

The Forest Cottage Teardrop

Welcome to the Forest Cottage, your intimate, private and cozy escape into the wilderness. Stage day hikes, lake dives, desert escapades and more from the comfort of this little slice of heaven.

Our teardrop has a well-appointed galley with a sink, two-burner camping stove, and plenty of dishes and cooking ware. If that wasn't enough, our picnic basket comes stocked with everything you need for a romantic lunch or dinner.

If you want to camp, but need some ideas, just let us know; we're happy to share some of our favorite spots with you! Be aware that campsites fill quickly, especially in the summer, so plan ahead whenever possible.  

Happy camping!


Our teardrop is located in west Marin County, in Woodacre, California. 

The sleeping area is six-feet long and four-feet wide, large enough for a couple and, if you have one, a small child. The teardrop is a strictly animal free zone.


How To Rent

There are two ways you can rent this teardrop:

You may tow the teardrop yourself. This requires
     1. A car with a tow hitch and receiver. 
     2. A valid drivers license. 
     3. Completed rental forms. If you plan to tow, please include your email in your booking - we will email you the rental forms once you have made your reservation. 

We can drop it off and pick it up for you. 
We will take the teardrop to the campground/location of your choice and pick it up when your stay is through. Campground reservations must be made ahead of time and are paid for by the renter. There is an additional charge for our drop-off and pick-up service.