Option 1:

Drop-Off / Pick-Up Service

For all reservations of two nights or less, we will drop-off and pick-up the trailer at the campground of your choice. NOTE: This service is an extra charge - the price depends on how the drop-off / pick-up location is.

Our closest and most popular campgrounds are Samuel P. Taylor and Olema. The drop-off / pick-up fees are $40 and $55 respectively. The renter is responsible for booking and paying for campsites, and must provide proof of reservation. 

Option 2: 

Towing the Trailer

If you would like to tow the trailer yourself, please carefully read the requirements below.

1. Your reservation must be three nights minimum. 

2. You must have a legal place to stay such as a campground or private property. The renter is responsible for booking and paying for campsites, and must show proof of reservation. The renter is also responsible for any legal ramifications should the renter fail to comply with this requirement. 

3. Your car must have a hitch. It is preferred that the renter also has a tow receiver and a 1 7/8” tow ball, though we are able to provide them if they are not in use.

4. Prior to pick up, we must have from you:

          a. A picture of a valid drivers license for all drivers. 

          b. Your personal auto insurance policy number.

          c. A picture of the portion of your personal auto insurance stating that your coverage  extends back from your insured car to an unowned vehicle/ trailer. This coverage is included in most standard policies - we recommend asking your insurance agent if you are unsure as to whether your policy includes this coverage.